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Men’s Requirements of Designer Eyeglasses

Every one knows men and women have different expectation about designer eye glasses. Women love beautiful things. While men are more practical. The first thing they think about is utility. So while choosing designer eye glasses, their standard is very different.

Durability is a must. Picking out eyeglass frames that will last a long time is another must for men. Choose materials such as titanium and stainless steel, which are tough, sturdy metals that will not damage easily.

And they like to choose comfortable designer eye glasses that fit them well. One of the most important factors that men must consider when picking out their eyeglasses or sunglasses is how well they fit. Make sure that the temples do not dig into the sides of your face by picking out designer eyeglass frames that are wide enough for your mug.

Also, make sure the nosepiece in your designer eyeglass frames is adjustable, so it can be bent to your comfort. It is also important to make sure that the temples are long enough as well. You can do that by checking the curve of at the end of the temple - it should go over the ear without pushing against it.

Considering their reqirements for designer eye glasses, there are three designer eye glasses which I think are perfect for them.

Titanium and stainless steel is not recommended only for their durability. Those metals make quite the fashion statement with their lightweight and understated looks. If this look appeals to you, Chloe designer eyeglass frames may be just what you need.

Aviator frames have proven to be a popular choice amongst male sunglasses aficionadas. They are large, stylish and very masculine. Check out Rayban aviator frames for that sexy, manly look.

Rimless eyeglasses are also becoming quite a fashionable style among men. They are simple, sleek and chic. Check out Bvlgari rimless eyeglasses for this awesome look.

If you want to pick a pair of designer eye glasses for your boyfriend or your husband, this article can act as a guide. I am sure your last choice will surprise him a lot.

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