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A Dilemma: Authentic Or Fake Designer Eye Glasses?

Designer eye glasses are expensive. We all know it. Not every one of us can afford to buy designer eye glasses. Many of them tend to buy fake designer eye glasses. however, it is a good choice? Which one we should choose, authentic or fake ones?

Let us count the advantages of fake designer eye glasses first. It seems that the only advantage is cheapness. While the disadvantages?

Too fragile to last. Since the quality is cheap they simply do not last as long as real Designer Glasses. They scratch, bend and fall apart far quicker than the real thing and you may find yourself spending more to purchase several replacement pairs than you would have to buy one pair of authentic frames. Cheap fake frames can be a false economy...

Poor quality lenses. The quality of the lenses in fake designer eye glasses is often very poor, they may not be made from quality materials, indeed they may not even meet the standards required by law and can be quite distorted and provide poor visual acuity which can cause headaches, dizziness and visual disturbances. Why would you put yourself through this to save a few pounds?

Dangerously poor quality. It's going to be a given that the quality of fake glasses will be nowhere, and I mean nowhere, near that of the original...but they look the same so surely they must be made the same? Erm, I'm afraid not and I'm sorry to say also, it's more than just being poor, some are dangerously poor. For instance, the frames may be weak and could break easily. Do you really want to be left with dangerously sharp shards of plastic near your eyes? And then there's the lenses, the lenses may not be shatterproof, which could put your eyes in danger if you're unlucky enough to suffer an accident.

No UV protection. Fake sunglasses often state that they offer complete UV protection, of course they would they want to make the sale...but in reality they lack much, or indeed any, UV protection. No UV protection puts your eyes at risk from harmful UV ray exposure. In those cases, fake sunglasses fail in the primary purpose you wanted them for, for protecting your eyes against the suns harmful rays. If they fail to do that as sunglasses, why buy them?

While the only disadvantage of authentic designer eye glasses is expensive. But the advantages are a lot. All that fake designer eye glasses cannot give you, like what mentioned above, authentic designer eye glasses can give you. What is more important to you?

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