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What Bifocal Prescription Glasses are

What’s the meaning of bifocals? Bifocal lenses: according to a similar definition of single-vision lenses, a bifocal lens has two focal points, respectively correcting two different vision problems. Presbyopia is always included. The other one can be myopia or hyperopia. In most cases, distance vision can be perceived through the top section of the lens and close vision the bottom section. You can know more about the bifocal prescription glasses in http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-lenses.html , and the bifocal prescription glasses can help you solve all of the eye vision problems.
Why you choose the bifocal prescription glasses? It is very convenient to use bifocal glasses for the reason that you don’t need to change frame from distance to reading for different purpose. For example, wearing the bifocal glasses you can read newspaper and watch TV at the same time.

The lenses for bifocal prescription glasses are widely. The simplest kind of bifocal glasses should be Standard (1.50) Bi-Focal Lenses which is also called 1.49 index bifocal glasses. Such kind of lenses is always recommended for low prescription (for example prescription between +/-3.00 or cylinder ranges between +/-2.00). But if your prescription is very strong prescriptions which is over +3.00 or -6.00 spheres, in order to effectively reduce the lens thickness, you’d better select the high index lenses, such as Super Thin 1.61 Safety Bi-Focal Lenses. As a reminder, rimless eyeglasses frames are also not recommended for high prescription bifocal prescription glasses.
Large numbers of the lens function of the bifocal prescription glasses are available. Both of them are wise choices to protect your eyes from hurting by the intensive sunlight. Just take the photochromic bifocal Lenses as an example, such kind of lenses gathers both the advantage of bifocal and photochromic lenses. The glasses are clear as the normal prescription eyeglasses under indoors or in the shade environment, but when it exposure under the sun, the lens color will turn dark automatically which will be very convenient for these people who need work in outdoor environment. Apart from the above options, tinted Bi-Focal lenses are another alternative method for prescription sunglasses. Comparing with the polarized and photochromic prescription eyeglasses, the most noticeable advantage is the cheap price and extensive color option. What is more worth mentioning thing is that prism correction can be applied on bifocal glasses.

Under the widely use of the internet, it is not a hard job to buy a pair of suitable and comfortable bifocal prescription glasses. You can find more bifocal eyeglasses in http://www.firmoo.com/bifocal-glasses.html

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