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Categories of prescription glasses frames

Although there are many kinds of eyeglasses frames, it can be classified into several groups. Some people may wonder why there are so many types of frames that make people drizzle and don’t know how the choose them. Most of people buy them not only for function abut also fashion. To meet the needs and satisfaction of different groups of customers, many manufactures work on design and produce many great looking and stylish prescription eyeglasses frames,

The first popular eyeglasses frames are often-used style round eyeglasses frames. This style seems to have come back today, some vendors bring vintage eyeglasses one their exhibition stand, old style added with modern and fashionable elements, and they feature the property of fastness and stability. That’s the reason why there are still many people love to wear full-rim prescription eyeglasses frames.

Semi-rim eyeglasses are other popular ones. This type of glasses is more lightweight compared to half-rim ones. The lenses are fixed by a very fine nylon, which are string serving as part of the frame below the metal half rim, however, the string is invisible, as the nylon is very filament, and it is embedded into a narrow groove, so, you can just see the half part of the rim.

The last one is rimless eyeglasses, also as know as frameless, as people may just see the lenses on your face, these prescription eyeglasses lenses are connected by nose pads between Nose Bridge and screws. During the procedure of production, optician drill two tiny holes on the lenses, so the screws are able to go through and make a location, but the frame can be crooked easily though this kind of eyeglasses is characterized with lightweight and delicate appearance, that’s the reason why the optician often suggest you to chose titanium, which features in the property of intensity and strength eyeglasses frames if you would like to spend more money on your prescription eyeglasses.

By classify those various eyeglasses frame, it is easy to choose one best suit for you.

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