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What we should we before purchase eyeglasses?

For people who suffer some eye problems like, nearsighted, farsighted and presbyopia, usually will ask eyeglasses for help. This is the most quick and economic way for vision aid. Buy some genera knowledge you should know before you buy it.

No matter where you are plain to buy, you should know your eye power. You can get it from optometrist after having an eye test. The optometrist will give you prescription. The prescription contains information about the power for your left and right eyes. Besides the prescription information, you have to obtain information about the papillary distance. The papillary distance of the eyes can be measured by the optometrist. You can also measure the papillary distance by wearing the eyeglass.

Then, you should choose eyeglasses lens according your prescription and usage. The common eyeglasses lenses that are sold at the optic stores include polycarbonate, glass and ultra index lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are made from plastic so it is shatterproof. It won’t shatter when you drop it on the ground. If someone accidentally steps on it, it also won’t break. It is almost 100% shatterproof. It is stronger than the acrylic lens.

The acrylic lens is 17% stronger than the glass lens. Polycarbonate lens is lighter than glass lens and easy to carry around. It is thinner so it is suitable to be used to make eyeglass for a person that suffers from high prescription. The higher the prescription, the thicker the eyeglasses will be. If you want people to notice you, you can use the polycarbonate lens. If your prescription power is very thick, you need an ultra thin lens. In this case, you should buy the ultra high index lens. The ultra high index lens is thinner than the polycarbonate high index lens. It is also more expensive by a few dollars than the polycarbonate lens.

The stated above information is use for making eyeglasses to help you get clear vision. Of course, you have to choose eyeglasses frames when you buy eyeglasses. This is much easier. You just need choose one you like, of course, as long as the frame match your style well, it will brings you a good image.

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