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The process about shopping eyeglasses online

I am always business for works, so I would like to choose the online shopping I think that to buy something online is very fashionable and easy. But as time goes on, I find more merits of buying something online. They are very convenient. And I think that the service attitude of shop keepers online is better than that in the real shops. I think this is because the online shops pay more attention to their reputation. Now I would like to share my experience of buying cheap eyeglasses online with you.


It is my first time for me to choose shopping glasses online , The reason why I want to buy a pair of eyeglasses online is because my friend told me that there was a large scale of discount online. I was just in need of a pair of eyeglasses at that time so I decided to have a try. I find the website my friend sent to me before and click it at once. I was surprise by so many eyeglasses sold online. I thought that it was impossible to buy eyeglasses online because I think it is difficult to send them.

Since I was not familiar with the shop keepers, I don’t know how to buy a pair of eyeglasses online. But the shop keeper is very warm-hearted. He tells me that I should give him the result of the examination of my eyesight so they can make a pair of eyeglasses for me. I sent the information of my eyesight to him and he told me that I can choose the style and the color of my eyeglasses at once. I was very happy to hear that because I was in badly needs of a pair of eyeglasses.

I don’t know the style and color exactly so I ask the shop keeper. He sends me a lot of pictures of the model wearing different kinds of eyeglasses. I ask him whether the color the models wear is the same as the real products. He says that that is sure enough. He guarantees me that if I am not satisfied with the eyeglasses and the color, they will change it for me.

It was not long before I paid. The shop keeper told me that I will receive the eyeglasses in no more than three days. I received the eyeglasses two days later.

Their guarantees make me feel comfortable and I paid out my eyeglasses later ,then ,several days ago ,the eyeglasses has arrive as they promised ,I receive three days later ,the styles is good and quality is also seemed wonderful .from then on ,I begin to care about the site ,it is www.firmoo.com which can provide you perfect service and favorable price eyeglasses .

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