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Black-framed Glasses Make You Different

If you’re lazybones with heavy pouch and black circles, if you’re crazy about fashion, if you’re in love with life of a cup of coffee, light music and cigarette, you must at least have one pair of black-framed glasses on your dresser. Nowadays, black-framed glasses are most popular among people. They can add fashion and taste to your appearance and if it’s necessary, you can change your style by merely wearing a pair of black-framed glasses.

Let’s go and see what stars look like when they’re wearing black-framed glasses.


Taylor Momsen

 Isn’t Taylor Momsen much cuter when she removes her smoky eyes and wears a pair of black-framed glasses? The glasses in proper size highlight her innocence and beauty. Her lazy hair, her white T-shirt and a big blue bag make her student-like and that’s our familiar gossip girl!


Anne Jacqueline Hathaway


Women in simple clothes are the most beautiful. Wearing a pair of exaggeratedly huge black-framed glasses and light orange blusher, Anne looks just like the green-hand in her movie The Devil Wears Prada. Who says only heavy makeup and gorgeous evening dress make a pretty woman? Anne Jacqueline Hathaway in her black-framed glasses also looks pretty.


Hilary Duff


Who is this woman wearing a pair of black-framed glasses? It’s Hilary Duff. Can you relate this woman to her usual images? The hot star is covered in the black-framed glasses, leaving us a gentle Hilary. By wearing them, Hilary Duff changes her usual style and gives us an impression of a happily-married woman.  



Britney Jean Spears

Have you recognized who this lady in the brown and grey hat is? It’s Britney Jean Spears! The fashionable hat makes it’s hard to notice her hair style, and the exaggerated black-framed glasses cover most of her pretty face, which make her no longer a sweet lovely girl but an artist!



Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone


In her black-framed glasses, Madonna looks younger than her real age. This is another benefit of black-framed glasses---to make you look younger. The glasses without lenses are simply a part of her makeup, but there’s no doubt that they go well with her blond hair.


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