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Get to Know Progressive Lens

Progressive lens, short for progressive multi-focal lens, is a special kind of lenses mainly uased to correct the visual acuity of people with presbyopia.




Progressive lens is mainly used to correct presbyopia, aiming to acquire fluent long and middle distance image. The latest scientific report shows that progressive lens is also helpful to slow down the growth of teenagers’ myopia, to rectify their bad reading habits, and to relax their eyes.




A progressive lens looks just the same with a normal lens. However, it differs from a normal lens as its upper part is used for long distance and the lower for short distance. And in the middle of the lens, refraction is applied to serve as a transition.


A progressive lens is generally divided into four parts: the upper part, the middle part, the lower part and the periphery. The wearer can see things in the far distance from the upper part, see those in the close distance from the lower part, and see those in the middle distance from the middle part. But he can hardly form a clear image from the periphery, since there is alteration of light in this area.




Progressive lenses do not have restrictions on whether the wearer has myopia, presbyopia or astigmia, thus it can protect the wearer’s age from being known by others. Since there is a transitional part in the middle of the lens, the wearer will not feel uncomfortable, which is caused by sudden image alteration. A pair of progressive lenses equals to two or even more eyeglasses — for long, middle, and short distances. It is especially useful for teachers, doctors, musicians, and desk workers, who in most of their time need see clearly the blackboard, the music score, and the screen. And only progressive lenses, not any other lenses, can be counted on to reach these demands all at once,.


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