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Cat Eye Style Eyewear Still in the Fashion in 2011

Fashion always comes and goes, and then comes again. It seems the fashion world is like a circle. Now, we can see the retro vintage style is the main fashion stream in this year although there are some fresh products appear. Among those retro vintage sunglasses, cat eyewear is still one of popular styles.


Cat eye style eyewear first came into our eyes in the 50s and 60’s. Their success shall owe to Audrey Hepburn who worn cat eye sunglasses in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s which impress people deeply. Then, there are many celebrities and fashionable people began to wear cat eye sunglasses and cat eye glasses. Till know, those cat eye style eyewear constantly appear in fashion shows on T-stages. They have become one of classic style for eyewear.

Their success of attracting customers for so many years are not only because there are so many celebrities or models wearing them, but also because of their special design which bring users a beautiful look. This cat eye style eyewear should be the first choices for people who have small or oval face. Traditional cat eye eyewear has a high arch suits the lean which can make small face perfectly. But right now, cat eye eyewear have a small change which make them allow a wide range of people to enjoy their charm with cat eye sunglasses.  

Now, in the hot summer, have you ever think about to buy a pair of stylish eyewear for shielding eyes from blinding sunshine? If so, why not try some cat eye style of sunglasses to follow the fashion stream. Besides, they can also protect your eyes from the blinding sunshine and strong UV rays. What’s more, cat eye glasses are also available. Wearing a pair of cat eye glasses, they can help you always in an elegant image and outstanding from the crowd. 

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