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The Montblanc Glasses

Classic and scripture always links with each other. When the technology develops quickly in our daily life, the charm of the ancient culture evolutes to arts in our mind. “slow down and enjoy life” is just the philosophy of Montblanc. In the products of Montblanc, we see the spirit of light of human beings, and civilization been sedimented for century. The glasses of the new season follow the fashion trend closly, while Montblanc has a clearer position of fashion, establishing its difference at the unique season. This season, the construction of Montblanc glasses emphasizes the colour of Logo and the ingenious usage of other elements of the brand.

As for this series, there are eighteen different patterns of featured products. Among the eighteen patterns, six are for women, presenting the virating Mosiac pattern employing the Enamels effect, and the feature of exquisite luxuriant has been drummed in a lot. The other twelve are for men, which recures the elegant temperament style, and emphasizes the classic brand logo in its creative style.

This year, the colour of high purity and saturation is very popular. The sunglasses of Montblanc are both retro and fashionable.

The sunglasses of MB314S is very special, we may find that the design of the front frame is absolutly new, with the mark of the brand presented on the frame. On the other hand, it makes the most of the beautiful frame to display the ripple of the logo.

In order to embody the layering, new mezzanine has been added in, symbolizing the classic collocation of colour of Montblanc. On the legs of the metal frame, logo has been engraved by laser, and the colour of the cover ecoes with that. As for this style, there are other colours to be chosen, like white, gray and purple.

There are more fashion sunglasses availble for you. Just go ahead.

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