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Lady gaga and round glasses

No body can deny the fact that Lady Gaga is the most active female star in promoting round eyeglasses. She always wear different styles of round eyeglasses to create strange looks of her style. Now, let's look at some pictures of Lady Gaga and her favourite round glasses.

Lady Gaga round glasses

The lace coat, which has a feeling of Starbucks, makes Lady Gaga look striking. Compared with the sunglasses in the above picture, this pair has a more eye-catching frame. With golden shinning beads lying around the lens, this pair of vintage round eyeglasses definitely has robbed the gloss of the lace coat.

Lady Gaga round glasses

This pair of golden framed round eyeglasses suits Lady Gaga's punk clothing perfectly, which makes her look exaggerated from head to toe.

Lady Gaga round glasses punk

As to white, a very impressive colour, Lady Gaga wouldn't let it go easily. White kerchief, white framed round glasses, white handbag and white motorcycle jacket with rivets make Lady Gaga look more like a Hollywood movie star.

Lady Gaga round glasses white

Lady Gaga has a passion for round glasses. Even when wearing a OL dress, she isn't willing to take them off. Small black sunglasses with three-head-wide black hat make her look delicate. Light golden silk bouffant dress also has a vintage feeling.

Lady Gaga round glasses oL

It's very rare to find Lady Gaga to dress like a young girl. The light grey dress with pink flowers on it , the vintage straw hat and pink rimless round glasses make Lady Gaga look very lovely and vernal.

Lady Gaga round glasses

This picture absolutely highlights the features of Lady Gaga. Thundering dress, thundering wild hair style, thundering broken-like round glasses gather together make Lady Gaga the Queen of thundering.

Lady Gaga round glasses

White nurse hat, white dress and round glasses make this collocation is very unique. I want to ask Lady Gaga a question, did you dream of being a nurse in childhood?

Lady Gaga round glasses

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