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Buy Eyeglasses to Win iPod Shaffle MP3 from Lucky Draw at Firmoo

I always believe the old saying goes: “there is no free launch in the world.” but right now, I find this old saying is not always the truth. Sometimes, we can get some free products or relatively cheap but qualified products. Perhaps this should own to the keen competition among business.


Yesterday, I got a pair of new prescription glasses from an online optical shop named firmoo. At first, I just planed  to buy a pair new glasses to change my current one. So, I searched online randomly and came to firmoo by chance.  But one of her customer told me that her company is just launching a promotion activity right now. If I buy a pair of eyeglasses from her websites, we can join in their lucky draw. And the prize of their lucky draw is an iPod Shaffle MP3 player.

lucky draw


Sounds awesome. Anyway, I lose nothing but have an opportunity to get an iPod Shaffle MP3 player. Although the iPod Shaffle MP3 player is not something fresh, they can bring me some fun in my spare time. So I decided to buy a pair of prescription glasses costing less than that in the local stores. After all, my eyeglass is old enough and it is time to change a new pair.


What’s surprising me after further talking with their customer service is that I can get a pair of free prescription eyeglasses from them as long as I “like” them on facebook and become the new fans of their websites. Then, I can get a pair of free eyeglasses from them and also join in their lucky draw to win iPod Shaffle MP3 player. It sounds really amazing. Even if I won’t win the lucky draw, I can get a pair of new and free eyeglasses just by clicking “like” on their facebook.

free glasses

I think this is really a good chance for me to get free eyeglasses, maybe as well as an iPod Shaffle MP3 player. As customers, this is really a good chance to what we want at a very low cost. So, if you also plan to buy a pair of new pair eyeglasses, I suggest you may have a try.

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