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Tips on Selecting Prescription Eyeglasses for Sports

When it comes to sports outside, you are sure to concern about eyeglasses. Especially if you have some eye trouble, like short sightness, you are supposed to wear prescription glasses for sports, and then you must consider some aspects, such as doctor’s prescription, glasses’ frames, as well as lenses. Well, here are some tips for selecting prescription eyeglasses for sports.

prescription sports eyeglassesprescription sports eyeglasses

First of all, you must go to the doctor’s for prescription. You can get your prescription from eye doctor after you have an visual test. Everyone has his own eye power. So, when you select your eyeglasses online or in a real shop, you must have your eyes examined in a professional eyeglasses center or hospital. After the examination, they will give you a prescription, in which there is accurate information such as SPH, or CYL and Axis or even ADD if you have.

Second, how to select proper prescrition sports eyeglasses' frames is also important to you. Eyeglasses frames for sports are must be protective. Outside sports include basketball, cycling, motocross, mountaineering and so on. Thus your eyeglass frame must be strong enough to defend the hard impact of outdoor activities. That’s why we recommend frames which are of high resistance and durability. And it is better to fit your face in size in order to be protective as much as possible.

Last but not the least, lenses’ careful selection is necessary for prescription sports eyeglasses. What’s more, while doing outside sports you can’t avoid strong sunlight and glare, even sometimes wind or sand would damage your eyes. So proper lens must protect your eyes from dirt and debris and something like that. The lenses should also be better to offer UV protection to most degree. Moreover, color of the lenses should be counted too. For instance, brown lenses could provide best contrast outside compared with green ones, while gray lenses could make you percept better and with least distortion.

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