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Free Glasses of Lenard Style on Facebook - I do like Firmoo!

Actually, I am really a big fans of the Big Bang Theory, after four month waiting, finally Season 5 has come back in September. In this TV drama, the storyline of the four scientists Howard, Raj, Sheldon, Lenard plus the sexy woman named Penny who is their neighbor does attract me, and every time I couldn't help having myself laughing so hard! The characters there are funny and humorous indeed! In most people's minds, they love Sheldon who is a young, smart and weird guy, while I prefer Lenard. From my own perspective, he is a cute and kind person who loves Penny very much. Speaking of Lenard, there is one impressive and exciting thing happened on me, which is I got a pair of free glasses of Lenard style on Facebook. Wow, it sounds crazy, but I made it.

Specifically, the process is quite easy which is sort of beyond my imagination. How to say, I just joined an event called "Get Free Glasses Just Like Us" on Facebook. The rules are very simple, clicking "like" on Firmoo, an optical online store, Facebook Page, and then I got a code, via which I can get a pair of free glasses in the free section or use the code as $8 coupon to choose other types on Firmoo! Luckily, I found ones which like Lenard style in the Big Bang Theory among free section, black thick rectangle frames, so adorable! Aha, as a sincere fan of Lenard, I am so excited to win a pair of free glasses of his type that I wanna share this good news to all people around me. In other words, I regarded this pair of free glasses as the best gift on the soon-coming Halloween this year.Well, I just imagine that when I received this gift, I will show it to my friends and family on Halloween night!

free glasses

Back to Lenard and the Big Bang Theory, I do hope Penny and he can be together again in Season 5, which I think is every people's hope. Anyway, free glasses of Lenard style on Facebook, I do like Firmoo, thanks!

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