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My Recommendation for Good Brands of Eyeglasses


Talking of brands of eyeglasses can be a very interesting thing as every brand is sparing no efforts in promoting and perfecting their own eyeglasses. Here, I just want to talk about my favorite brand, Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban has swept across the world with its worldwide fame, unique design and good qualities. Ray-Ban is sure to be one of the most popular brands in the world.

Ray-Ban eyeglasses

This is one of the most fashionable eyeglasses created exclusively by Ray-Ban in this season as we can see most style is Ray-Ban style. The fine craftsmanship and the extraordinary design are two important factors for its popularity. The bridge is so uniquely designed that it can be viewed as classic as the aviator eyeglasses symbol. The Ray-Ban logo on the arms has always made people crazy at. But the prices are really high. I need to spend no less than 150 dollars for a real one.

Firmoo eyeglasses

Instead, I went to firmoo and ordered the above one. It is in big discount, more than 50% off. So I decided to buy this one. I also like the design very much. The best thing I love about firmoo is their cheap prices, for this one only costs me 8 dollars. I love fashion but I’m not so crazy at it. I think this one is ok, pretty trendy and affordable and has a Ray-Ban style that I like. That’s why I always go to firmoo.

Ray-Ban eyeglasses

Big frame has almost become a symbol of Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Many people prefer eyeglasses with big frame because they think big frame is pretty cool and fabulous. There is always a kind of superiority concealed in the big frame. As a result, Ray-Ban’s design has promoted this unique design and made it a symbol of it. I like this design. It is really fantastic, cool and extraordinary. But, still, the price is too high, so I decide to choose another one on firmoo.

Firmoo eyeglasses

Their design has some similarities, for example, the metal piece in the front. I really appreciate the black and white design, which I think is what makes firmoo different. It is hard to put it into words, but the stylish comparison between the black front and the white arms is very obvious. As regards to that, I think maybe firmoo eyeglasses are over Ray-Ban eyeglasses. Firmoo is a very good online store because firmoo is updating itself to the latest trend. As a result, now I can enjoy fashion with the affordable eyeglasses in firmoo.

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