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Fashionable Men’s Eyeglasses Fall in This Winter 2011

Now, eyeglasses are no longer an obstacle for men to pursue fashion, and they now become fashionable accessories to make men more handsome. Of course, not all of the men’s eyeglasses in the market are fashionable. Here, this article will introduce you some current fashionable men’s eyeglasses in this winter.

men's aviator glasses

First, eyeglasses with aviator style are considered as the most classic and suitable eyeglasses for men. The design of double brow-bars aviator eyeglasses is very masculine. So, it is one idea choice for most of men.

round eyeglasses

Second, large sized eyeglasses are also a popular style. However, if you are a man who has a small face, do not wear the eyeglasses with too big frames. For them, they can wear the small round glasses like John Lennon’s glasses. Those small round glasses will work well with small faces and they are in fashion.

men's semi-rimless glasses

Third, after wearing framed eyeglasses for a long time, you can also try some eyeglasses with rimless or semi-rimless. Men wearing those kinds of eyeglasses can get a modern or minimalist look. Besides, those kinds of eyeglasses are also light weight which suit for men to wear them for a daily life.

men's retro glasses

Forth, for young men, hip or retro eyeglasses are good choices. Usually, most of those eyeglasses are made of plastic material. They are easy to be tinted and shaped in many different styles such as the 50s tortoise style frames etc. Wearing those eyeglasses can bring men a retro fashion.

men's glasses

Five, for people who like sports such as golf, bicycles etc, being fashionable is not only their purpose. They also need eyeglasses made of durable materials. Usually, sports fans will prepare special sports glasses when they join in sports. Wearing such sports glasses, they not only provide them convenience, but also make them look energetic and cool.

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