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What Kind of Eyewear Should You Be Choosing?



In 2011, different kinds of vintage eyewear are like a wild flower growing in everywhere. You may feel a little bit difficult to choose your own favorite. Here is a brief analysis to save you out of the fashion puzzle and tell you how to wear fashionably. Vintage retro trend is so strong in this year that you must be captivated by it. So what kinds of styles do you like the best? Are they cat eye, round eyeglasses, aviator eyeglasses or big squared eyewear? Each of them suits different kinds of faces and have unique features. In order to understand all these things, read below.


Round rimless eyewear should be first noticed given the super popularity driven by the passing away of the super genius. Up to this day, you may feel a little bit confused in today’s fashion world because many things have been used to lead fashion. No one knows Steve Jobs eyeglasses can be so fashionable until today. After all, you can distract your attention a little bit and focus more on the aesthetics of this round eyewear. Round eyewear seems to be perfect just as Steve Jobs’ pursuit of perfection. Indeed, the softness is strongly indicated in round eyewear. In most cases, most faces will be suitable in round eyewear except round faces. So if you happen to have round faces, basically you need to give up round eyewear however you love them.

Fashion eyewear

Cat eye eyewear is also very trendy and can be the first priority for most women. Unlike the 50s trend, today’s trend seems to have more personal changes. You can sure find your own favorite designs in this year. In order to create a cat eye style, you’d better make sure you have a lean face and neat but not too colorful dressing. For those who even want to be more traditional but still fashionable, black big squared eyewear will be suitable for both men and women. The coolness is indicated in the black color while a sense of concise quality is also manifested.

Aviator eyewear will be more suitable for men even though it now has also become women’s favorite. But aviator still looks manly. Actually, aviator eyewear is the most recommended for elderly men for there is a sense of being educated and very professional, perfect for elderly men. But with the good matching of this year’s bright and gradient colors, the aviator eyewear seems to be totally different from those traditional 30s metal eyewear. Aviator eyewear that is designed with bright colors seems to be more playful and thus is very suitable for young people.

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