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Anne Hathaway Eyeglasses-The Very Fashion Item Of Your Princess

Anne Hathaway, an American actress, are known for her role in Princess Dairy, The Devil Wears Prada and her career has really been thriving in recent years by continuing to accumulate a success after the other. At the premiere of her new movie Rio, she appeared amazing with geek and chic in purple Gucci, catching your eyes. The fashion glasses she wears are nerd glasses.


She looks so damn chic than she already is while wearing these nerd glasses. Her snow skin is more beautiful behind the black nerd glasses. This style of frame is really suitable for Anne Hathaway’s facial features and helps to highlight her natural beauty. Nerd glasses, a hot new trend among celebs, prove to be chic and fashion forward accessory for both males and females.


Many stars have all been wearing nerd trend in different occasions, which has shown that this piece of trendy eye wear can be worn with not just casual attire, but also with red carpet attire. Anne Hathaway is such case. She wears her nerd glasses at the red carpet and in her personal life, rocking the geek chic look. Actually, not only Anne Hathaway, but also other hot celebs made a big splash by wearing nerd glasses for the red carpet or just a casual outfit, such as Britney Spears, Madonna, Michelle Trachtenberg and Scarlett Johansson.


Hey, Anne Hathaway fans, do you want to own such cute and gorgeous celeb look. Wearing Anne Hathaway glasses is a way to go. There are lots of Anne Hathaway glasses with prescription or without prescription available. If you are a glasses girl, are you fed up with the traditional glasses with dull frames and colors? Well, it is that easy to reveal you fashion taste by wearing fashion forward eyewear, Anne Hathaway glasses, as she does. If you have a thin budget, shopping online is the nice choice for glasses in the retailer stores may cost you a ton of money.

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