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Charity Program of Firmoo - Donate Your Free Glasses

If something adds the appearance of charity, it might be different, a little bit. In most people's minds, we can donate our old clothing to poor people, we can offer some food to people who lead a hungry life, and we can give our books which we read to poor students who cannot afford study supplies. Anything else? How to help others in different ways. Here, a hot event named "Get Free Glasses Just Like Us" has dressed up in a charity coat.

free glasses

Actually, this game is popular as hotcakes recently and maybe you have got something like clues about it. If you have no idea about this hot event, you may be sort of out-of-date in good news. Just clicking "Like" on Firmoo Facebook official page, and then the system will give players a code, via which people can choose a pair of free glasses in Firmoo free eyewear section. Besides, this event is for only new customers (first-time buyers) on Firmoo.com, and one pair per person. However, although all free glasses include frames and standard 1.50 lenses, lens upgrades and shipping cost are not included.

Well, back to the charity coat I mentioned just now, actually, this is for people don't like their free glasses or wanna use the eyewear to help someone. Specifically, glasses are custom-made products and the lenses cannot be reprocessed once they are manufactured. As they say, if people are unsatisfied with the free glasses, they may donate them to the charity organization in their own name to help those who are in real need of them instead of returning them to Firmoo, and Firmoo shall refund them all the money including shipping cost that they paid for the free glasses. Whatever, that seems reasonable and sweet indeed, maybe it's one of the reasons for its huge popularities.

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