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Choose Your Favorite Frame and Post It on Firmoo Facebook Wall

Wanna buy a pair of fashionable eyeglasses online with affordable prices? Still wondering where to purchase it? And a little puzzled how to choose one? Guess what, free eyeglasses spree at Firmoo can help you to find a suitable pair of fashionable eyeglasses for free! You may not believe it, never mind, the article can tell you all the secrets and myths about this free eyeglasses event here!

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·How to get free eyeglasses at Firmoo.com?
Just come to visit Firmoo and you can buy free glasses directly. And there are three steps to get your free glasses: choose your free frame below; make lens selection and enter your prescription, and check checkout then.

·Can I find one pair I like most?
Actually, free eyeglasses are all picked by our fans on Facebook, and you do have a wide variety of frames in this free eyewear event. Didn't like them? Choose your favorite frame and then post it on Firmoo Facebook wall. Moreover, you can invite as more people as possible to 'like' your post, then Firmoo will add one frame with the most 'like's to the free list each Monday and Wednesday.

·Does anyone can join in the activity?
In fact, this event is for first-time customers of Firmoo only, and one pair per person.

·How can I know the glasses fit me or not?
Firmoo have a virtual try-on system which supports you to try on the glasses frames you choose online, so that you can know how they will look on you. Firstly, choose the frame you like and put your mouse to the lower right corner then click "try on" button. Secondly, choose one model whose face shape is most similar to yours. Then click "UPLOAD" to start uploading your photo, and the "UPLOAD" button will be displayed as "USE MY PHOTO" if you haven't logged in. Thirdly, fill in your PD and upload your photo and mark the position of your left pupil, then mark the position of your right pupil. Finally, you will use try-on system successfully.

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