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How to choose clear lens glasses with good quality

Perfervid pursuing about clear lens glasses has arisen up recently both in the internet and those real stores. But maybe the term is new information for you. As a result, this article is providing some useful information here.
Clear lens glasses, are glasses without diopter, and neither myopia, hyperopia nor astigmatism. They can prevent the wearers from wind and sand and they can as well be decorative. What’s more, some of the series can also prevent eyes from ultraviolet or infrared injuries.

As the series are new products to some degree for many people, sellers release numerous counterfeit clear lens glasses on the glasses market.

There are forged and fake commodity for imported brand and domestic famous product. These products are characterized by their poor use of materials, different under painting, poor processing, nferior surface finish and luminosity technical and so on.

How to distinguish and choose clear lens spectacles? There are several methods of identification. Firstly, you need to identify the degree of its surface finish. What you can do is put the pair of clear lens eyewear under 60 watts incandescent with a black background. There should be no obvious scratches, pitting, chipping, sand holes, water ripples, bubbles and other surface defects on premium quality goods.
Second, put the glasses in front of your eyes for about 33 cm to see if the objects before you turn out to be clearly larger or smaller, or they have dynamic jump phenomenon. Once the phenomenon I mentioned occurs, you’d better give that pair of glasses up.

Third, check the trademark, manufacturer, quality certification about the products. And international brands are often engraved with the manufacturer's trademark, you can find out the trademark by careful observation on the lens’ edge.

When you are aware of these suggestions, you can go and hunt your clear lens glasses now. Firmoo.com, with various cool eyeglasses, is a trustful website for clear lens eyeglasses!

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