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Nearsighted bridegrooms: Wearing square eyeglasses to your weddings

If you are a nearsighted bridegroom who cannot take off your eyewear, I strongly recommend you to wear square glasses. For one reason, it can make you look fashionable instead of stupid. For another, it can reach the effect of hiding traces left on your face after years of wearing eyeglasses, which contact lenses will never reach.

square glasses

Tens of years before, eyeglasses were hated by all the bridegrooms because they would deduct points to their appearance on the most important day---- wedding day. However, recently, the consequence has become ambivalent to the position of eyeglasses. When more and more stylists chose eyewear for decoration, eyeglasses have jumped out from the dilemma that everyone hates them and become fashionable accessories.

Many bridegrooms wear eyeglasses to look trendy even if they are not nearsighted. From all styles of eyeglasses, square frames are most suitable for bridegrooms to wear. Firstly, their upright lines along with formal suits leave people a good impression of honest and intelligent.

Some people may doubt that the lenses can cause reflection of light when taking pictures. Many people still believe contact lenses are the best considering both the functions and appearance. Nevertheless, to brides who have worn framed eyeglasses for many years, their faces usually look strange with traces left by frame. From my perspective, nearsighted bridegrooms can wear a fake square frame after wearing contact lenses. This method can completely help bridegrooms hide the traces, correct eye sights and look fashionable.


square glasses

Round glasses as well as glasses with other shapes are not suitable to be worn in the wedding day. They may make you appear fashionable but not formal or sincere at all.

If you are wearing square eyeglasses in your daily life, you had better get a new pair to look brand new to begin marriage life. If you do not have one, take your time to purchase one. You have no time? You are busy preparing for the wedding? It does not matter; you can buy one online just at home after reading this article. There are many websites selling eyewear on line, just like www.firmoo.com, offering tons of cheap glasses online. Click the mouse and have a good luck. Wish you have a sweet marriage.

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