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An overview of semi rimless eyeglasses

In order to meet the needs of fashion and special tastes, eyeglass designers have developed different frame styles for the potential customers. In addition to the most conventional full-frame eyeglasses, nowadays semi rimless eyeglasses and rimless ones are also popular. There are different names of each type. Full-frame glasses can also be called framed glasses. Semi rimless spectacles are sometimes referred as half rim, half frame or semi-framed glasses. Similarly, rimless glasses are alternately named frameless eyewear. It is quite easy to compare one of these three types with another. As their names reflect, semi rimless eyeglasses are between the full-frame and rimless ones in design. Semi rimless eyeglasses have only a half frame going partially the upper section of each of the lenses. In most cases, there is respectively a frame line used to hold the lenses at each side. The bridge is an integrate part of the half frame. Differently, full frame spectacles have a full frame which goes around the lenses completely. The whole frame can protect the lenses as much as possible. Another extreme is rimless glasses, which are designed with no complete frame structure. They only use small screws to connect the lenses. Structural differences between semi rimless eyeglasses and the other two styles are quite obvious.

Yet there are still functional or aesthetical differences. From these aspects, semi rimless glasses and rimless ones are generally similar. They are both aimed to provide additional lightness, stylish look, and natural appearance and so on. Compared with full-frame glasses, semi rimless spectacles are smaller in design. In other words, those semi rimless glasses have a simpler design than framed ones. For a considerable amount of customers, this means being stylish. With this design, more facial shapes are acceptable, because the lenses can partially stretch out the frame. Those framed glasses fit fewer individuals because the lenses are completely within the boundary of the frame. In this case, the frameless design does a better job than semi rimless design. Rimless eyeglasses can nearly be suitable for individuals with any face shape. Without the limitation imposed by any frame, their lenses can be easily adjusted to fit everyone. The range of suitable faces of semi rimless glasses is slightly narrower than that of rimless ones.

Semi rimless eyeglasses also place themselves between framed spectacles and rimless ones in lightness, which is regularly assessed by the majority of modern customers. Using a same material, a pair of semi rimless glasses is lighter than a framed pair, but is heavier than a rimless pair.

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