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Some Confusion about Wearing Progressive Eye Glasses

Generally, if people have several eye problems simultaneously, or in particular they have presbyopia and other eye diseases, they may choose to wear some eyeglasses. But those glasses can not always solve those problems perfectly and some wearers have to endure the pain of vision blurriness. Fortunately, the emergence of progressive eye glasses can be bliss for all glasses wearers, especially for those above mentioned unlucky people. Therefore, progressive eye glasses have gained wide popularity all over the nation within very short period.

It is true that all wearers have found that those glasses are so perfect that they can not live without them. And some other people begin to wear progressive eye glasses as a result. But those new wearers are confused by some strange phenomena while wearing them initially. In fact, those phenomena are ordinary and common in wearing progressive eye glasses and they will disappear within particular period. Here are some of them.

Blurriness- Some new wearers find their eyes become blurred while wearing those eye glasses. And some of them even decide to give up and re-use their former glasses. Doing so is unessential and may cause some damages onto their eyes. This is because some time is needed for eyes to get used to the new glasses. Just imagine the difference in the structure of progressive eye glasses and other common eye glasses. Progressive eye glasses have three focal areas while common eyeglasses have one or two. Suppose the eyes have adapted to those common eye glasses, what the result it will be if with progressive eye glasses. New adaptation is needed, though those glasses are more accurate and multifunctional in vision correction. In this sense, blurriness at the initial stage is ordinary and it will disappear once the eyes have got used to those progressive eye glasses.

Vision Distortion- it is true that almost new wearers of progressive eye glasses will find there is some vision distortions when they newly wear them. If people do not know this, they may feel confused or worried. For their new visual mechanism, progressive eye glasses can present eyes with new panorama. The fact is eyes can capture those vivid and clear pictures, but the brains can not get used to it. And the result is vision distortion. In particular, optic nerves are important channels, through which the information captured by eyes can be delivered to the brains. And the optic nerves are too excited while wearing those progressive. Generally, such symptom will disappear quickly.

Eyeball Reshape- in addition to the two above mentioned phenomena, some people find that their eyeballs become reshaped. This is because eyeballs may change with the change of pressure. And the elasticity of eye muscles will make the eyeballs rebound to some extent accordingly. But there is one simple way to prompt this process- move and blink eyeballs naturally. This method is very useful and can help eyeballs adapt the new glasses fast.

Generally, young people have less obvious symptoms than senior citizens and the reacting period is also much shorter. Anyway, once people can persist for some time, those symptoms will disappear quickly. Any one who is new users of progressive eye glasses should not feel uneasy about those symptoms. And for those who are going to wearing those glasses, they are suggested to know such knowledge related to progressive eye glasses.

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