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What is Presbyopia and How to Treat?

According to investigation, estimation showed that over 90 million Americans have presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related vision disorder that causes a difficulty in seeing objects at close range. People with presbyopia often have to put reading materials at arms length so that they see the reading things clearly.

Presbyopia is different from other kind of vision damages. It is not that someone will get it due to improper use of eyes; it eventually comes with age. A majority of people start to have presbyopic symptoms when they reach the age 40 and 50, though it varies from individual to individual. Besides the difficulty seeing at close distance, there come other common symptoms such as delays in ability to focus, ocular discomfort, headaches, squinting, and needing brighter light for reading.

Presbyopia is a result of the aging process which is nearly unavoidable. Some other vision impairments including astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness all relate to the shape of the eye and are generally caused by genetics, disease or trauma. But a series factors combined cause the Presbyopia. One of these is the steady decrease in flexibility in the natural lens of the eye. Another major reason is the joint changes that occur in the muscle fibers surrounding the lens, fibers that contract and expand and allow us to see near and far objects. As a person grows old, proteins in the eye also change, and make the natural lens harder and less elastic over time, which intensities the difficulty to focus on objects at close range.

Adjusting to Presbyopia

The most common treatment option for presbyopia is bifocal eyeglasses, but there are still other alternatives you can choose. Multifocal contact lenses are more and more well popular which is convenient without hurt or harm to eyes, and help wearers to see both near and far.

The design of multifocal lenses have two forms: one is bifocal - with two lens powers, one for near and the other for distance vision – another is multifocal design, which has a gradual change in lens power within the lens.

Multifocal contact lenses are available as a daily wear, overnight wear, or daily disposable lens.

Those people who ever wear contact lenses, with the aging process they begin to experience presbyopia, often report dryness and discomfort with their lenses which may caused by the need for a new lens prescription that addresses presbyopia. Here provides many new lens technologies designed specifically for presbyopia, and after wearing them you will fell comfortable and have a clear vision.

If you are experiencing symptoms of presbyopia, you should you’re your eyes examined and ask advice from your doctor.

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