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How to clean the designer eyeglasses?

All designer eyeglasses wearers hope they can have their eyeglasses as long time as they can to use as designer eyeglasses can cost them a large amount of money. However, a lot of people do not know the proper way to clean them, which leads to some eye problems and shorter usable life of the glasses. The following will give some tips on cleaning designer eyeglasses properly.

First, it is wise to consult in your eye doctor for some advice on designer eyeglasses cleaning. Our eye doctor knows our eye condition and he knows eyeglasses much well, and so he can give us some professional knowledge on it. Especially for the designer glasses with some coatings, we should pay special attention to as some chemicals or cloth can not be used on certain coatings. For this kind knowledge, your eye doctor will be very glad to give you some advice and you can fell more guaranteed.

Second, counter lens cleaning wipes are advisable for cleaning designer glasses. It is a common problem that there are some annoying smudges on our glasses. With the help of counter lens cleaning wipes, this problem can be easily solved. The thing you need to do is to pull out the wipe, swipe your classes and then the smudge is easily gone.

Third, it is important to clean the eyeglasses thoroughly, especially for glasses with nose pads as there will be dirts and grimes gathering. Before you clean the eyeglasses, make sure to clean your hands at first. Then clean the glasses with a nonabrasive soap in warm water, but an important point is do not make high pressure on the lenses, which will cause lenses scratching. After the cleaning and rinsing of the lenses, use soft and lint-free cloth to dry them. Besides the cleaning of the lenses, we can not forget to clean the nose pads if they have, and frames together with earpieces. When we clean the nose pads, we can use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean, but please note that try to prevent bristles touching lenses to avoid scratches. Frames and earpieces are also important to clean as there will be dirts and oil over long-time wearing.

Fourth, do no use dry things to clean our lenses. It is a common problem that people are likely to use a rag or paper towel to wipe their glasses. But this will cause some problem to our lenses, for example, some steaks on the lens. So from now on, please use water and soap or glass cleaner to wipe your glasses.

Last but not least, it is unnecessary to clean your lenses thoroughly everyday, but on a week basis. However, it is important to wipe them with lens cleaning cloths everyday in order to eliminate the smudges on the lens. The cleaning is not difficult. If we follow the right step to clean them, we can easily have clean and long usable life of the designer glasses.

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