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The differences between traditional bifocals and bifocal reading glasses no line

It is acceptable to state that the majority of elderly individuals of any gender have heard of or used reading glasses. But there are probably fewer people who have an experience of wearing bifocal reading glasses or bifocal reading glasses no line. Compared with regular reading glasses, the latter two types are generally more advanced, even though they are equally effective in providing visual corrective function against nearsightedness as well as presbyopia. Traditional reading glasses are relatively simple in design that they are used by those suffering presbyopia to manage close up visual tasks. In this sense, it is more important to give a detailed introduction of the latter two types of presbyopia-corrective devices, as well as the differences between them. To be exactly, there are both functional and non-functional differences between bifocals with a line and no-line bifocals.

When it comes to visual correction, bifocal reading glasses no line is more competent than those traditional bifocals. The reason is that a bifocal lens with a visible line is considerably simpler in design than a no-line bifocal lens. The line equipped on a bifocal lens is aimed to easily set apart two different visual sections. The section above the line will offer nearsightedness correction, while the bottom section will provide presbyopia correction in opposite. The problem caused by this simple design is that image jump may occur near the separating line when a user switches a visual range to another. No line bifocal lenses are made with a design that mixes two lens powers completely, involving no such visual section separation. So, even the most frequent visual switches will hardly cause image jump.

The other difference between traditional bifocals and bifocal reading glasses no line is associated with the wearer’s look. A person without any knowledge of the background of bifocal glasses knows that a visible line in front of the eye will cause an ugly appearance. No line bifocal reading glasses can eliminate such a concern.

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