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Eye safety guarantee provided by bifocal safety spectacles

From its name, most people can get two basic aspects of information of bifocal safety spectacles or eyeglasses. They are vision correction and eye safety. The first aspect is ensured by the lenses’ functional design, while the second aspect is guaranteed by the quality of the lenses. First, it is important to know a confusing point of the vision correction provided by bifocal safety glasses. It is true that these lenses only have a positive power embedded in the lower portion. The upper section has no power at all. So, only close-up vision tasks can benefit from wearing these eyeglasses. This is as equally helpful as regular reading glasses. Knowing this will help customers keep appropriate expectation while seeking for vision aid from bifocal safety spectacles.

For presbyopic workers or athletes staying frequently in any form of potentially dangerous situation, eye safety guarantee is in some degrees more crucial. It is less or more reasonable to say that clear vision sacrifice is less serious than an eye injury. So, nearly all kinds of safety eyeglasses including bifocal ones are required to be manufactured according to very strict safety standards. This is the essential part of this writing. In the United States, any type of safety glasses produced by any brand that has passed rigorous tests will be given an official safety rating. Generally speaking, there are two main types of bifocal safety reading glasses: basic impact and high impact.

Testing basic impact bifocal safety spectacles, a steel ball of one itch diameter will be dropped onto the lenses from a height of 10 feet. A basic impact safety rating will be marked if there is no crack, chip or breakage. And bifocal safety glasses that are marked as high impact safety have must passed a test using a steel ball shooting at the lenses with a gun at a speed of 50 feet per second. In similar, no crack, breakage or chip is allowed. In most cases, presbyopic people are encouraged to buy the maximum protection available.

C: bifocal safety spectacles can be classified into two mainly categories based on the degree of impact safety. There are generally basic impact safety bifocal safety glasses and high impact ones.

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