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Different forms of progressive specialty glass

Progressive reading glasses with proper lens fitting will help the users eliminate an annoying problem caused by bifocal and trifocal glasses, known as image jump. Images through a bifocal or trifocal lens seem to “jump” as the eyes move past the sharply defined boundary between different visual zones. Progressive reading glasses come with a smooth and seamless power transition from the top to the bottom. Behind this great breakthrough, there are still concerning problems. For example, some people may experience visual distortion or peripheral vision loss when they use progressive eyeglasses. Taking computer work as an example, using a pair of progressive reading glasses may make it difficult to see more than 25% of a computer display. This is because of the narrow vertical range of undistorted vision caused by a set of lens powers embedded in a single lens. The most widely recommended way to minimize this problem is to use different forms of progressive specialty glass, which will offer task-specific services.

It is easy to interpret that a progressive lens’s intermediate section will be narrower than that of a bifocal or trifocal lens. All of those claimed benefits of progressive eyeglasses come from the unique lens design which involves a gradient of lens powers. Rather than setting sharp boundary between different lens sections, progressive lenses provide smooth power transition. This means dozens of powers will be included in a single lens. While all presbyopic patients are supposed to get satisfactory visual aids at all distances from a single pair of progressive reading glasses, they may not be satisfied if they need to spend much time in carrying out visual tasks at a certain range. Progressive specialty glasses will do a better job for these users.

Currently, many people use different forms of tailored progressive spectacles with specific intermediate or near prescription. For instance, a person who uses computer regularly or for prolonged periods can get higher degree of satisfaction if they use a pair of progressive reading glasses with a wider-than-normal intermediate section. Similarly, people participating frequently in near vision tasks can customize progressive lenses to have a wider reading part.

C: Progressive specialty glass will provide customized visual services. For instance, people who use computers a lot should tailor their progressive glasses to have a wider intermediate section.

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