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Some negative points of progressive lenses eyeglasses

The benefit of eliminating image jump and visible lines brought by progressive lenses eyeglasses are widely enjoyed by the presbyopic. These are really important help. And they involve both functional and non-functional factors. A progressive lens is made with a range of increasing lens powers which enables the users to get visual aid at all distances. This great contribution has been commonly known. Another agreement among the public is that progressive lenses are free from ugly lines that occur in a bifocal or trifocal lens. This is another common sense in the public. These are not the focus of this writing. Planning to switch from bifocal reading glasses or trifocals to progressive spectacles, there are still other aspects that are worthy of consideration.

One point is product availability. Compared with bifocals or trifocals, progressive lenses eyeglasses use highly complex proprietary curves in combination with the patient’s basic bifocal prescription and measurements. There is no optician who can offer all lens-curve types. What does this mean? Progressive lenses involve considerably more complex manufacturing and fitting than regular bifocal lenses and trifocal lenses. Each single pair of progressive lenses should be made according to a set of measurements of the user’s eyes. Even with the availability of all detailed measurements, some opticians or optometrists do not provide the required lenses. It is very likely that a patient wondering for progressive glasses can only get what is prescribed from few local opticians. In an extreme case, he or she can only get the glasses from the doctor who has made the prescription.

Another negative point of progressive lenses eyeglasses is the relatively high price. Since progressive addition lenses involve more complex design and require more efforts during the production process, they are generally dispensed at a higher average price than bifocal lenses as well as trifocal ones, not to say single-vision lenses. So, it is necessary for customers to make a balance.

C: Progressive lenses eyeglasses have certain negative points, except for those widely advertised benefits. Narrower availability and a higher average price should be pre-considered.

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