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Coloring of progressive eyeglass frames

It is important for presbyopic patients to get expected visual benefits by choosing a good form of reading glasses. Progressive reading glasses with incomparable advantages have to some extent beaten all other forms of reading glasses. This is mainly based on their advanced lens design and great capability of power provision. While the presbyopia values these functional features most, there is still another benefit that progressive lenses come with no ugly line. This helps eliminate all presbyopic patients’ common concern when there were only bifocal reading glasses and trifocals available. No-line progressive lenses really provide a great help for those unwilling to let others notice their old ages. Except for the removal of visible line, there are other factors associated progressive eyeglass frames that can further complement presbyopic people’s fashion needs.

In the eyewear market, there are some basic criteria. The first one is that the frame shape is supposed to contrast with the user’s face shape. Another one is that the frame size should be in scale with the wearer’s face size. Yet there is still another factor that has even a closer relationship with being fashionable. It is frame coloring. In general, fashion-aware presbyopic patients should choose a pair of progressive glasses that repeats personal best feature. The coloring of progressive eyeglass frames is the most decisive factor that determines presbyopic patients’ chance to gain additional stylish statement.

There are three key points of color analysis of progressive eyeglass frames. Each person has either cool or warm coloring. Everyone looks best in his or her own color base. And progressive glasses should come in a color that complements personal coloring. In addition, there are three factors that can help a presbyopic individual to determine the best color palette. They are the colors of the skin, eyes and hair. Among these three elements, skin tone or coloring is the prime one in determining personal coloring. And the eye coloring is a secondary element. An appropriate frame color will certainly help a presbyopic patient maintain his or her attractiveness.

C: Progressive eyeglass frames should come in an appropriate color if the presbyopic patients still want to show their attractiveness. Being free from unpleasant lens lines is not enough.

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