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Basic points of trifocal safety glasses

Like bifocal safety glasses, trifocal safety glasses are a type of combinational product. Bifocal safety glasses are made of lenses that have a reading prescription in the lower part and no power in the upper section. While users can get reading aid from bifocal safety reading glasses, their distance vision will stay uncorrected. As a result, these glasses are particularly suitable for people with presbyopia only. Those having difficulty in seeing distance things can hardly get satisfied. Safety eyeglasses with a trifocal design are more powerful than those bifocal ones. As the name implies, trifocal safety reading glasses also combine eye protection with multiple forms of vision correction. Even if these two categories are different in some aspects, they both provide those two benefits. One is eye safety guarantee and the other is vision correction.

Trifocal safety glasses belong to the group of safety spectacles. They can be considered as a special member in this community. So, it is appropriate to firstly discuss the aspect of eye protection. From the appearance, trifocal safety eyeglasses have wrap around lenses that fit closely on the eyes. These lenses are designed to cover the eyes from all angles. While most prescription lenses are clear, some trifocal safety lenses are tinted to block out UV rays in day time. Like all other forms of safety glasses, trifocal safety reading glasses manufactured by any brands should pass rigorous tests. There are generally two safety ratings: basic impact and high impact. Each of these two types will be tested using a steel ball of a specific size. And all trifocal safety spectacles which have been resistant during the test will be marked with a corresponding safety rating.

When it comes to vision correction, trifocal safety glasses are different from bifocal safety ones. Trifocal glasses have an additional lens power for people to see things being an arm’s length away. This function is beyond bifocal reading glasses. It is also acceptable to say that trifocal safety reading glasses offer a fuller range of vision help.

C: Trifocal safety glasses are similar to other forms of safety glasses in providing eye protection, but they can offer a full range of vision aid.

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