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Introduction on optometrists

In modern society, people tend to have vision problems easily due to the unhealthy diet, long-time working in front of computers and too much pressure in their work and life and so on. Therefore, optometrists are in high demand. But as for the role of optometrists, many people may not have a clear idea. The following will give some introduction on optometrists and their roles in the hope that people can have more understanding of them.

It is a common phenomenon when we notice we have small eyesight problems, we don't pay close attention, and not mention to visit optometrists. But when we find we can not see street signs and billboards clearly, or we even bump into an invisible wall or street signs, we are anxious about our eyesight and have to visit the optometrists immediately for help.

Then what can optometrists do to help you? They mainly do a series of eye tests for you and make a diagnosis and give therapy on your eye problem. The eye test includes the following steps: First is test for nearsightedness and farsightedness. The optometrist asks you to sit down in a chair to check your eye acuity. After the test, the optometrist can decide if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses or which level of prescription glasses you need to take. And then optometrists also check your vision coordination, vision depth, color viewing and recognition, together with your focusing ability. At last, optometrists will give you a glaucoma test to check other eye-related diseases. For people with high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer, this test is very necessary as these diseases will give high repercussions on the eyes. After the test, they can make a diagnosis and give treatment. Of course don’t expect they will give you some “Great vision” pills or a shot of eyesight injection, instead they will give you corrective lenses or similar optical aids.

From the above, we can see what optometrists do to help us in our eyesight. Their patients mainly come from children and elderly people. It is not true that optometrists work all day long to test patients’ eyes and give treatments, but they also need to do a lot of other work, especially for those who run their service in private. The functions of hiring staff, billing, supplying new patient service, maintaining electronic records, purchasing equipment, lenses and medicines and taking care of other administrative stuff to their office are also performed by optometrists.

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