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Varifocal spectacles for presbyopia correction

Also called progressive reading glasses, varifocal spectacles are a special form of multifocal reading glasses. These glasses function in a similar way as traditional reading glasses. They both aim to help those old individuals correct presbyopia, which usually causes difficulty in seeing nearby materials. As the large group of people who were born in 1960s and 1970s enter their 40s and 50s, presbyopia is an increasingly concerning eye condition. These people are vulnerable to affected daily lives. One can hardly endure the suffered near vision while reading a newspaper or a book. Finding a proper solution is necessary for any presbyopic patient. There was a time when only single vision reading glasses were available. Well, these spectacles really did a good job in presbyopia correcting. However, lots of people who still had another problem gradually thought that regular reading glasses were not enough.

Compared with the later invented bifocal or trifocal reading glasses, single vision reading glasses in those old days could do only one job: providing clear vision close up. Nearsightedness and farsightedness were beyond the control of reading spectacles. This made it a necessity to develop multi-functional reading glasses. Bifocal and trifocal reading glasses were then created as a competent successor. They have all been called multifocal reading glasses because their lenses have more than one focal point or lens power. Yet until now there has been another form of multifocal glasses called varifocal spectacles. This is actually the latest and also most advanced form. And this type of reading glasses is the most popular in the market of reading glasses.

The majority of presbyopic patients now select varifocal spectacles based on some extraordinary features. First of all, varifocal glasses use varifocal lenses which incorporate a gradient of increasing lens power. The number of lens powers is not limited to two or three in a bifocal or trifocal lens. This explains the exact meaning of the name. Users can enjoy more smooth vision aids. Secondly, varifocal glasses come with no visible line and thus free wearers from appearance concerns.

C: Varifocal spectacles are now the most popular form of reading glasses among the presbyopic group. These eyeglasses have some extraordinary features.

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