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Methods of removing eyeglass lens scratches

One of the common problems associated with eyeglass lenses is scratching. It is quite bothering when some scratches occur in the central part of the lenses. This kind of scratches will create visual problems while some other scratches out of the sight are less serious. Fortunately, some of the scratches can be removed using household items.

The way to remove scratches on eyeglass lenses depends on the lens material. Most of the scratch repair options work only on plastic lenses, so that glass lenses are hard to repair once they get scratched. Fortunately, most of the eyeglass lenses on the market are made of metal plastics which can reduce risk of breaking. In particular, polycarbonate lenses are much more lightweight than traditional glass lenses. Polymer-based solutions are most commonly used to repair scratched lenses. The reason is that both polymers and plastics are made from carbon. Bringing them together, they bond with one another and fill in a crack effectively. However, this repair method is not applicable to glass lenses. Compared to getting glass lenses professionally restored, it is more affordable to buy new ones.

Besides polymer-based solutions, it is also possible to use toothpaste to remove scratches from plastic lenses. Rub regular toothpaste on the scratched lens in small circles using a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Ten seconds of such rubbing is enough. And use water and a new soft cloth to remove the toothpaste. More than one time of such a rubbing process may be needed when the scratches persist. This is true especially when the lenses have a coating on them.

Another product that can be used to remove scratches from eyeglass lenses is jeweler’s rouge. This special product requires more skilled steps. In fact, although there are several ways to remove scratches stated above, the simplest method is to replace the scratched lenses. The truth is that even though designer eyeglasses are quite expensive, the frames account for most of the cost. Eyeglass lenses in new ones are actually affordable.

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