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Fashion Glasses Online Store Also Offers International Shipping

Online shopping has so many benefits like Guaranteed, Economic, and Efficient. That’s why more and more customers tend to fashion glasses online store. The good news is that these fashion glasses online stores also offer international shipping.

If you want to enjoy international shopping, you have to know exactly what glasses you need. Because it is troublesome to return unsatisfactory goods under such a condition.

Never fear, our online guide to buying glasses is here, more helpful than a horde of experienced older sisters. So pucker up, pull up the monitor, and follow my lead. I'm guiding you to glasses bliss. Simply follow the three "knows" of buying glasses online:

1. Know Your Prescription—Have your glasses prescription ready (yes, this is different than your contact prescription). Simply ask your eye doctor for it at your next visit, or have your doctor fax it to you. Your eyeglasses prescription includes many numbers and parts. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this. Understanding is just a mouse click away.

2. Know Your Pupillary Distance (PD)—This is the distance between your pupils. Ask your eye doctor for this measurement. You can also take it yourself. Having your PD ensures your lenses will align to your eyes properly.

3. Know Your Frame—Look inside an existing frame, usually on the temple, for a series of numbers like 50-18-140. These are the lens width, bridge size, and temple length, respectively. Then, you can search for a frame according to style, with the measurements to know how the glasses will fit. These measurements are in millimeters, so they only need to be close, not exact. When you find the frames you love, it’s time to personalize the lenses.

Following the three “knows”, you can put down your worries and go to those fashion glasses online stores offering international shipping.

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