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Eye problems including macular degeneration

Everyone will inevitably age as time passes by. In this process, people gain more experience and become more savvy and wise. On the other hand, aging is disappointing for many people because of health concerns. An old body is harder to move, causing much inconvenience in daily life. And one’s memory will lose some degrees of sharpness. Some problems directly associated with the body will probably occur, such as aches and pains.

Yet another important sensation of the body that can be easily affected by aging is eyesight. Potential problems include nearsightedness, farsightedness, tired eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes and so forth. These mild problems are still within the control of modern corrective lenses and certain medications. However, they may affect the patients’ normal performance during many daily activities such as seeing the loved ones, reading a book, watching television and so on.

Besides those slight eye problems stated above, there are more serious ones and even diseases. For instance, age related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the world. AMD patients usually suffer from central vision loss, while the peripheral vision remains intact. Some of them even see black spots and wavy lines that cause vision distortion. Possibly contributing factors to macular degeneration include poor blood supply to the eye, oxidation of the retina and leaky capillaries.

Until now, age related macular degeneration is untreatable, either by corrective lenses or eye drops. There is also no medically acceptable cure for this eye disease. But professionals have found out some ways to stop, slow down and even reverse age related macular degeneration. Old people need to receive regular eye exams from an eye doctor every necessarily. Macular degeneration is a chronic disease that a patient may not realize it at an early stage. Protection against the sun rays is also important because UV rays and blue light can cause oxidation in the retina. Healthy eyes require regular intake of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants etc. In addition, obesity and smoking are negative factors of eye health.

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