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Wear Big Frame Eyeglasses to Keep With the Lastest Fashion

As the retro style marches to 2010, big frame eyeglasses are found favour with eyeglass wearers. If you still hold the idea that wearing big eyeglass is outdated, then as a matter of fact, you come to be outdated. From Andy Warhol to Malcolm in the past and from Johnny Depp to Jay-Z today, none of them is not a fan of big frame eyeglasses.

In good old times, people wearing big eyeglasses left the others an impression that he/she is simple-minded and low-witted, however, in modern times, it is totally another thing. For big face people, big eyeglasses help shift others' attentions from faces, as a result, their face would appear smaller; for small face people, big eyeglasses make their faces beautiful, just like they are in their sweet and innocent childishness. For big eye people, big eyeglasses constitute a veil which makes their eyes mysterious but charming; for small eye people, big eyeglasses rightly cover their demerits, eyes suddenly coming to be fairly bright and piercing. In conclusion, everyone would find his or her specific by wearing big frame eyeglasses.

Nevertheless, even you have already been a big fan of big eyeglasses, to make a proper combination with other garments is important. One of the most successful examples who have interpreted big eyeglasses best is Michael Caine who chose to wear white Oxford shirt and a black tie to go with his black frame Wayfarer-style glasses. He has won hearts of many women. His neat and crisp look made himself the fashionable idle in the 1960s.

Points for choosing the proper big eyeglasses and relative matters need attention are:

1. The size of the frame should go with your face. It should not be too wide nor too narrow. The upper half-frame would be beneath the eyebrow.

2.  Your glasses should be had a maintenance once a year in an optical store, where the shop assistants would help secure the screw and get frames and lenses them waxed.

3. Lenses that are ultrathin, radioresistant and anti-reflection are of higher cost, however they are lighter and would make the wearers feel more comfortable.

Maybe you have never tried big eyeglasses and maybe you still hold that they appear odd, however, once you have a try, you will fall in love with them and discover another look of yourself.

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