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New thick eyeglasses

Thick eye glasses in the past were mainly made from heavy lenses and thick frames for people with very strong prescription. They were very heavy and uncomfortable to wear- almost nightmare for some of them. However, nowadays thick eyeglasses are become thinner and thinner and can be called new thick eye glasses. Though these eye glasses are mainly aiming at people of particular groups, they now also become very popular.

Glass and plastic are some of the most widely used materials for eyeglasses. If people’s prescription becomes stronger and stronger, the glass lenses will also become thicker and heavier accordingly. In addition, eye glasses lenses will become wider in both length and height as the prescription becomes stronger gradually. This will make the frames and lenses very bold to see. Therefore, people will be tormented by the heaviness and inconvenience caused by larger sizes and the trouble will become worsened as the prescription become even stronger. Luckily, with the advancement of technology and techniques in the industry, the lenses become much thinner than ever before- some latest top plastic lenses can play much better job in bending light- these lenses are usually called high index lenses. And the direct result is-thick eye glasses are no longer thick and heavy, but thin and light. Or to some extent, these strong prescription eye glasses are the same as other ordinary eye wear in terms of weight and size.

The earliest thick glasses are made in tortoise shell and other vintage styles, though there are exceptions. And nowadays’ new thick eye glasses can also be made in retro looks- this can satisfy wearers who want to enjoy yesterday once more. For example, the 80’s thick eye glasses are now some of the most popular articles among those fashion-oriented people.

Black was the most widely used colors in thick eyeglasses in the past, and now more color options is available. Thick eyewear in Black, grey, green, white and other mixed colors are some of the most popular articles in the market. That’s to say, buyers can buy any tinted thick eye glasses according to their personal tastes and interests.

Usually, these stylish thick eye wear can be purchased from optical stores, drug stores online shops, and so on. Optical stores and drug stores are some of the traditional places for eyewear and online shops are the latest and most popular places. And now there is a trend that more and more buyers begin to purchase glasses online, mainly because buying online means cheap, convenience, time saving, etc.

To be simple, thick eyeglasses in nowadays are really very nice and are ideal options for people with strong prescriptions.

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