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Why Is Glass Frame of Ten Dollars Offered at Such A Low Price?

Recently there emerges many cheap glass frames in the market. It is because of the emergence of these cheap glass frames that there comes out a hot trend of wearing glasses. Among these glass frames,glass frame ten dollars is one of the most popular one.

Why are glass frame ten dollars so cheap?

One reason is the competition among all manufacturers and vendors. It is true that eyeglass frames are expensive in most cases. But the market is divided into several strata and different consumers have different demands on products. The fierce competition in the industry has forced some manufacturers and vendors to design more competitive products. And glass frame ten dollars comes into being as a result.

In fact, there are also many others factors that can lead to the cheapness of 10 dollar eyeglass frame. Therefore, we should believe that this frame is the same good as other products in quality. And the only difference is we can save a lot of money and have 10 dollar eyeglass frame with more styles and patents.

Another very important reason is the advanced distribution network. The distribution costs take a very large proportion in the prices of many products. For example, in the past, many products were very expensive and their prices were much high than manufacturing costs. This is because of backward logistics and distribution network. Later, with rapid development in infrastructure, logistics is greatly promoted. And the prices of those products are greatly reduced and can be sold only a little higher than the producing cost. And we can getglass frame ten dollars easily.

Further more,the costs of many materials are declined greatly with the development of industrial promotion. Some of those materials that are employed to manufacture 10 dollar frame become very common and much widely used. Therefore, the producers can get them at very low cost. For example, in the last century when plastic had made its first appearance in the market, plastic frames were some of the luxurious products for most of then people, for only a little plastic could be produced during that time. And now, plastic has taken the place of metal and become one of the most common materials in glass industry. Many other materials also become very cheap, due to the development of technology and other related techniques. The inexpensiveness of those materials has also lowered the price of eyeglass frames andglass frame ten dollars become available.

In the past, for the sake of budget, we must only choose one pair and unwillingly give up others from what we love. It is really a torment for us. However, 10 dollar has greatly satisfied our demands for more frames with less money. We can now buy several pairs ofglass frame ten dollars that we love most at one time. But there is one question has bothered most of us- why 10 dollar eyeglass frame can be sold so cheaply? And many consumers doubt the quality of this product. In fact, such doubt is unessential. Here is the answer.

That’s why glass frame ten dollars is sold at such a low price. The emergence of glass frame ten dollars make us able to buy several frames at a time but not cost too much. What a great deal!

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