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Essential Information About Transitions Prescription Eyeglasses

Transitions prescription eyeglass is also called sensitive photochromic lens, which is able to change the color of the lens according to the power of  the sunlight. The color of the lenses can be grey, brown, red and blue, etc.. There are lenses of no color as well. Grey ones are popular, for as a neutral colour, grey is thought to affect the original color in vision least. What's more, grey transition glasses shade sunlight well. Here below are some essential information about transitions prescription eyeglasses:

The work principle of transitions eyeglasses: transition lenses change their colors only when they encounter UV. The stronger the UV is, the darker the lens color is supposed to be. The lenses will not change in color in no-ultraviolet radiation environment. Therefore, transitions eyeglasses look like ordinary eyeglasses indoors.

The life span of transitions eyeglasses: nowadays, there are two ways to make transition lenses. The way to add sensitive micelles in lenses is a more preferable one. Every time the lens color changes, micelles in the lenses would decrease in number. When all the micelles are worked out, the transitions eyeglasses lose their ability to change in color. Consequently, the life span of transitions eyeglasses depend on the time you wear them in UV environment. On average, well qualified ones are supposed to work for 2 to 3 years.

Matters needing attention when you buy transition prescription eyeglasses: people whose eyesight is within 4 diopters are suitable to wear transition prescription eyeglasses. Because eyeglass lenses with great powers are thick on edge and thin in center, which bear no obvious function to shade light. What's more, the powers of two lenses should be within 0.5 diopters, or colors of the lenses would be uneven.

Suggestions for the choice of transitions eyeglasses: despite that the color of the lenses would get light when you go into the rooms, nearly 40 seconds would be taken, during which time, the wearers would suffer from eyestrain. This is no good for eye health. Therefore, transitions eyeglasses of no color lenses should be suggested to choose for the sake of good eye health.

Transitions eyeglasses, hot eyewears in summers, provide amenities for people, especially the drivers. With them, they would eliminate the trouble to put on and take off eyeglasses when they drive cars into tunnels. If you have never worn transitions prescription eyeglasses, you should have a try, and then you will fall in love with them.

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