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Introduction of Bolle Lens

Bolle Lens is designed for sport. So, if you are a sport fan, Bolle lens is absolutely the best choice.

Bolle Lens is made in France and popular all over the world. Bolle is aimed to protect your eyes. Bolle thinks that eyes are important, so protecting eyes is especially significant. According to this purpose, Bolle is the best in terms of quality. Bolle not only blocks UVA, UVB, but also UVC, a harmful ray that doesn't even reach earth. That's why NASA has made Bolle the eyewear for NASA shuttle missions.

Besides, Bolle has comfortable and durable metal frames; light and unbreakable hydrated memory nylon frames; hydrophilic temples and nose-pads; rubber flex hinge. All these are indispensable to eyewear. Only Bolle makes it.

In addition, Bolle have various kinds of lenses, and different lenses function differently. So, eye wearers can choose Bolle Lens in accordance with own demands. For example, Bolle 100 is quite dark amber lens, perfect for climbing in high altitudes with extremely bright light conditions; Citrus is a medium contrast orange lens, ideal for low to medium light conditions; Crystal clear lens is good for dusk, dawn and night time activities like night skiing; Polarized TLB is neutral density light brown lens with polarizing filter. It provides true color definition while fighting harsh glare. So, it is Ideal for fishing and low light conditions.

Wearing Bolle Lens, your eyes will not fear enemies of light, hits or even your competitors, because Bolle Lens will provide you the most passionate performance.

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