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Introduction of Focus Lens

Focus lens is an important contact lens brand from CIBA Vision, which is a leading manufacturer worldwide in supplying contact lenses and lens care products, with the headquarter in Atlanta, the USA established in 1980. Focus lenses are renowned for the combination of affordable price with comfortable and easy application, especially for daily disposable Focus lens.

As it is prohibited to dispense contract lenses without a prescription in the Federal law, it is essential and necessary to have a prescription from an educated, trained and licensed professional. Focus lenses can fully provide you this service. Eye care professionals in doctor’s office selling Focus lenses do not just help you to select the most suitable lenses according to your personal needs, but also give you instructions on properly caring for them, follow-up care and recommended wearing schedule, which attach great importance to your good vision and eye health.

There are mainly three types of Focus lenses on the market, that is, Focus, Focus Progressives, and Focus Toric, with daily disposal and extended disposal for each type. Regular Focus lens is used for common vision problem, like far or near sightedness. Progressive Focus lens is created to make up for presbyopia, which helps the aged to see clearer through bifocal correction. Toric Focus lens gives the eye correction for astigmatism which is caused by asymmetrical cornea. One excellent features of Focus lenses is daily disposable Focus lens is available for each types, which can help people get rid of cleaning lenses and give them a cleaner and more comfortable vision.

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