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information about Vision Service Plan

As the largest eye-care insurer in the United States, Vision Service Plan (VSP) Inc has provided VSP vision care to one out of eight Americans. Vision Service Plan originates from two organizations, the Alameda Contra Costa Optometric Society and the Joint Council on Vision Care, which merged and created California Vision Service (CVS) in 1955. Twenty years later, CVS became VSP. After more than a half century’s development, Vision Service Plan has been a trustful advisor in eye care wellness and health.

Vision Service Plan covers a complete set of VSP vision care services that are critical for its success, from eye examination to surgical procedures, from lenses and frames to contact lenses. Clients can get these benefits from VSP’s select network of providers. Since customers have paid the premium before being a VSP member, they will be charged only a copayment when they get VSP vision care services at a VSP provider.

Once you are a VSP member, you can make an appointment with a VSP doctor according to your geographic location for VSP vision care services. Vision Service Plan has an enrollment of over 22000 doctors across the country. If you see a VSP doctor, a copayment is enough. But when you use a non-VSP doctor, you should pay in full at the time of service and then you can get reimbursed from Vision Service Plan.

Vision Service Plan members can find information about VSP vision care services and personal benefits at the official website www.vsp.com. In September 2008, VSP vision care revealed a national wide survey of nearly 4000 Americans, that 76% of children under five had never had a comprehensive eye exam. So VSP really has a promising future. Currently, many employers have offered VSP vision care to employees as health welfare.

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