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Buy Eyewear Online with Your Personal Taste

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, today it is much easier than ever to buy eyewear online with just your prescription and your personal taste.

Step 1

Get a copy of your prescription. Before you buy eyewear online you must have your current prescription. Your optometrist will give you a copy of your most current prescription if you've had an exam in the past 12 months. Ask your optometrist to include the pupil distance or PD in your prescription. You'll need this when ordering online.

Step 2

Find an online eyewear store. Search online to find the eyewear store that best fits your needs. Some sites are more specialized, only selling prescription sunglasses, while others have hundreds of choices.

Step 3

Know your face shape. Some eyewear looks better on a certain shape face and because you won't be able to try on the eyewear, it's important to know what will look good on you. Most online eyewear stores will have a chart explaining which glasses fit best on your face shape.

Step 4

Choose a lens coating. For an additional charge you can add a coating to your eyewear lenses. Coatings are available in UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun and in a scratch-resistant coating. A scratch coat is best for young children or anyone who is a little harder on their eyewear.

Step 5

Decide on plastic or metal frames. There are pluses and minuses to each type of frame. Metal frames can take a little more wear and tear then plastic frames, but you won't have as many styles from which to choose.

Step 6

Place your order. Depending on the company, you can receive your eyewear in as little as a week, and most websites will offer some sort of guarantee.

Step 7

Add a tint. Most eyewear websites will give you the option of adding tint to your eyewear. These tints range from a rose color to as dark as black. Another great option is to get transitional lenses. These lenses turn from clear to tinted when in bright light, making sunglasses unnecessary.

The following of these seven steps can help you buy eyewear online with fewer efforts. Just keep them in mind.

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