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A Back Look At Some Retro Prescription Eyewear Brands in 2009

Unsure which brands are best for the retro prescription eyewear look that is all the style in ’09? Check out Ray Ban’s, Diesel, and Ermenegildo Zegna for the best adaptations of yesteryear’s hot trends.
Horn-rimmed for men and women- This look is back in style for men, since the emergence of Noah Bennet in Heroes, men’s horn-rimmed glasses have returned to the fashion world. Check out YSL men’s fashion for the best in modern retro. Women can check out Diesel for their more subtle horn-rimmed fashion, like Tina Fey’s rock star frames.

Buddy Holly retro- For a truly recognizable flashback to the past try Buddy Holly eyewear. The Ray Ban Wayfarer frames with prescription clear lenses are a look that says “I’m so talented I don’t have to worry about a thing!”

Blue’s Brothers – These classy gents wore Ray Ban Wayfarers, proving that the kings of cool were clad in their Sunday finest everyday, which would please the penguins immensely. Top of the look with a black suit, razor-thin black tie and a felt hat and shiny shoes and you’ll be in retro high fashion.
Jackie-O’s- These classy shades have become very fashionable in recent years, especially among young women. The look is best for girls with pointed or triangle-shaped faces and small mouths, the glasses act to make the face appear more coquettish. Check out Christian Dior and Versace for the latest in Jackie-O adaptations.
McArthur- In the post WWII period, General Douglas McArthur was more than a national hero, he was an icon to emulate in every conceivable way. His eyewear of choice, the Ray Ban Aviators (he landed in Normandy in a pair) shot to popularity. Check out a modern variation on this retro look with Ermenegildo Zegna sunglasses.

Which retro prescription eyewear brand is your favorite? No matter which one you like or be going to choose, just enjoy yourself with them.

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