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A Comparison of Progressive Lenses VS Bifocals

Progressive lenses with advanced lens design have gained much popularity in the market. For most people, progressive lenses have advantages over bifocals. Or to some extend, wearers of other lenses also begin to buy them gradually. But some people do not have very clear idea about those lenses. It is a good idea to look at progressive lenses Vs bifocals. From those comparisons, people may know why progressive lenses can keep their vitality.

1         A comparison on adapting time. Adapting process is rather important for wearers of both progressive lenses and bifocals. Generally, progressives can be adapted much easily than bifocals. Then, some may ask why are progressive lenses getting used to so fast? The reason is very simple- wearers of progressive lenses will find that their vision areas are transmitted very natural and no radical change will happen. Or some regular wearers often think no lenses are on their faces. This can never be found in bifocals, for they are lined. Or some regular wearers of bifocals will still suffer from dizziness and headaches occasionally.

2         A comparison on comfort. In most cases, many wearers will have to endure eye strain to some extend. However, progressive lenses eye strain will never occur onto their wearers. This is because those lenses will firstly provide wearers with great vision clarity, and then stimulate eyes to work in a natural way through which tears will be produced. However, bifocals will make eyes very tired when vision areas are changed. This will lead to strain.

3         A comparison about candidates. All people should make sure whether they are good candidates or not when they buy some glasses or receive eye surgery. Therefore, such matters should also be considered in buying progressive lenses and bifocals. Some people may wonder are progressive lenses good for them or not. Generally, over 95% people are candidates for those lenses. This is because little troubles will be caused by wearing them. As for bifocals, some wearers can not stand the dizziness and headaches caused by radical vision change. And the vision transition in progressive lenses is very natural. In this senses, progressive lenses are suitable for more wearers.

Each kind glasses have their strength and weaknesses according to different demands. After this general comparison of progressive lenses Vs bifocals, you can have clearer picture of what you need and buy the best suitable glasses.

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