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How to select perfect eyeglasses for us?

As we may know, for the same eyeglass, it will be different effects worn for different people. Maybe for some people, it can add to their appearance and show their personality, while for others, it will hide their personality and make them less charming. Why? We have to say the option of eyeglasses will have some effect in it. Then how to select the perfect pair of eyeglasses for our individual needs, which can not only help us to correct our vision, but also make us a stylish and charming look? The following tips will give you some help.

When we have haircut, we know that the style must be suitable for our face shape, or else, the hair cut will skew our appearance. In fact, selecting eyeglasses is just like having haircut. We must make sure the eyeglass is fit for our face shape and nose shape. Then let us discuss which kind of eyeglasses will be perfect for different face shapes and nose shapes.

For people with oval face, one point they need to clear is to choose the frame size proportionate to their face size, then they can choose any frames as they will flatter their face shape. People with square face need to wear rounded or curved frames made of thin metal or thinner plastic and the frames should be positioned a little higher so as to downplay the chin. And for people with round faces, it is unwise to choose round frames, no matter expensive or cheap. Instead they can choose more angular frames or frames which have straight lines, and black and tortoise shell color can be good color option for them.

For people with long and narrow face, they can choose the frames which can shorten the face length and cover the face center. Round shape frame will be a good option as it can minimize the face length, and wide rectangular frames are also good with the function of shortening people’s face width. For people who have a diamond or triangular shape face with temples on wider side, smaller geometric or oval frames with positioning lower on the face in order to reduce the distance between temples will be more suitable for them.

Besides face shape, our nose size and shape also play a role in selecting perfect pair of eyeglasses. If our nose is large, it is wise to select oversized frames so that they can balance our face and make our nose to look smaller. While for people with small nose, frames with a high bridge will be perfect for them as they can make the nose to look bigger. And if we have a long nose, rimless frames or double bridge frames will be better for us as they can keep people’s attention away from our nose but on the temples or shorten our long nose.

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