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Doctor’s advice on size and nose sensitivity of eye glass frames

Each pair of eye glass frames has a size, for example 48-22-135. Here 48 means the length of the lenses. 22 is the number of the bridge width, and 135 represents the length of the temple of the eye glass frames. One person can fit well on one frame in this set of numbers, while this set of number may not work well on other pairs of eye glass frames, as they may differ in shape and style. Patients better go to optical stores to try on eye glass frames or use the virtual try-on offered by some online retailers.

Some patients may turn to be allergic to the silicone on the nose pads on the eye glass frames. Eye doctor suggests use vinyl nose pad instead. In most of the cases, this nose sensitivity is also related to the uneven pressure allocation. So the adjustments of eye glass frames by some store professionals will be necessary. By adjusting the temples of the eye glass frames, especially by adjusting the ear-hooking part, the pressure of the nose pads on the nose can be reduced, therefore decreasing the possibility of silicone sensitivity for some patients.

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