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Celebrities Bring the Wind of Black Eyewear Frame

Black and white are said to be the most classic colors. And black eyewear frames are also considered to be the most classic. If you don’t believe, you can go out and see, how many people are wearing Celebrities also play an important role in the popularity of black eyewear frames.

The actor Harold Lloyd was one of the first to wear glasses in popular culture.  He made them popular in the 1910’s when he would wear plastic framed black glasses without lenses in them as the lenses produced to great a glare for the cameras.  From his comedic interpretation, the glasses continued to be associated with the intellectual type of person as many politicians and scientists wore the black frame glasses up until the 1960s.

In the 1960s, the musician Buddy Holly became probably the most famous person to wear the black eyewear frames.  He wore them on tour during the peak of his popularity at the very end of the 1950s, which provided an altogether different image for the glasses wearer generally.  Holly’s recordings, mostly with his band The Crickets, left a lot of listeners confused as to whether the  musicians were black or white.  As a result, when the “nerdy” looking Buddy Holly came on stage, he was able to defy the expectations set for those who wear black eyeglass frames.

In the 1980s, through films like Revenge of the Nerds, the black glasses seemed to take back their status as the quintessential nerd accessory.  Elvis Costello, a major influence on the punk rock scene, was one of a very small crowd to try to make glasses cool during the 80’s.  Now though, there has a renaissance among musicians wearing glasses of this sort.  Most popularized by the lead singer of the band Weezer, Rivers Cuomo, many others have also started to wear them such as the hip hop singer Will I am, and the comedian Seth Rogen.

Generally black eyewear frames are plastic and relatively inexpensive, which is convenient given how popular they have become.  Although still associated with the intellectual crowd, the item has become cooler in the mainstream.  Black frame eyeglasses are a good choice for any person in the glasses market.

Black frame eyeglasses have been through many phases in America.  They were originally associated with the typical nerd as the person wearing glasses obviously required them because their eyes were not working properly.  The most common reason for this was that you strained your eyes from reading too much which is where the whole nerd persona came from.  In the 1960s, this image was changed due to the popularity of a few musicians who took the style back and created a new image for the black eyeglass frames wearer.  The 1980s returned the idea of the nerd to the black glasses, but they have enjoyed a second renaissance in recent years also due to music.

Celebrities bring the wind of black eyewear frames. They have become the most popular eyewear frames. Generally speaking, no matter what shape your face is, or what color is your skin, you will look right with black eyewear frames. They are a classic.

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